About us

Senior Living Advocates  is the answer for so many seniors and their families who need guidance and support in navigating their healthcare needs.  This is an individualized approach in helping seniors stay at home and to maximize their independence.  Also, when needed, we are able to coordinate healthcare needs by referring individuals to support services and developing a care plan to meet your individual goals.   If you are a senior who needs a nurse to advocate and lead you through a complicated healthcare system, then Senior Living Advocates can help. If you are a family member or caregiver who is struggling on what to do, where to go for support, or live far away from your loved one, we are the solution for you.  At Senior Living Advocates we are truly both advocates and experts in our field.  We are a local company based just north of Boston serving all of Massachusetts.  We respect your right of choice, as we are able to work with many physicians, attorneys, healthcare providers, or caregivers who may already be helping you.